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Frequently Asked Questions


No, your SUS Research Mentor must be directly working on your project with you. 

If you are applying for the Resident Research Scholar Award, your SUS Research Mentor must be a SUS Member in good standing. Mentors may contact the SUS Membership Services Department at to confirm that they are a member in good standing. 

No, grant applications will only be considered for one award. Please apply to the grant you feel is most appropriate.

Yes, one letter should be submitted in the Mentor capacity, and another in the Department Chair capacity. In this case, the letter from the Chair may be kept short.

First, you must create an account here. You will then receive an email which contains an Activation link. You will need to click the link to activate your account. You will then receive a second email notifying you that your account has been activated and an Autologin link. Retain this email in order to log into your grant application at any time prior to submission. You may also log into your grant account at any time by going to the log in page here. If at any time you forget your password, you may reset your password via the log in page. Be sure to review all of the application instructions here first before applying. 

The letter should be from your Home Department Chair. In the application you'll list the "Away" program information where it asks for Secondary Institution Program Information. The Authorization Form should be signed by the Secondary Institution. 

Please be sure to check your SPAM/Junk Folders. 

Applicants must complete Section 2 of the application, which includes SUS Member Research Mentor and Department Chair Information. Once you have entered their information and selected the Send Email button, automatic emails will be sent to both the Research Mentor and Department Chair requesting them to upload letters of recommendation directly to the system. Please note that applications are not considered complete until the letters have been received, therefore you should complete Section 2 well in advance of the deadline to allow your letter writers time to upload their letters. If you are completing your application in stages, you MUST also click on the Save & Finish Later button at the bottom of Section 2 in order for your letter writer to successfully be able to upload a letter for you. Letter writers will receive an automatic email with a link but will not be able to upload a letter for you unless you Save or Submit your application.  

Letters must be received by the application deadline May 25, 2017. 

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